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Astreea Foot Pedal Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Astreea Foot Pedal Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Astreea Medical Grade Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Hand Sanitising Station, Ideal height for school children and wheelchair users.

  • Product Information

    Just push the pedal(1), and you are safe!

    Hygienic(2), without any risk of contamination.

    Universal use, the provided empty recipients can be filled with any hand sanitizer (and you can use your own bottle type through the adjustable height control feature).

    Easy-replace, with anti-theft screws(3), in one minute.

    Meter slot(4), to check the level of sanitizer in the sanitizer recipient.

    Entirely made out of medical stainless steel. Weather and time resistant. Rust-free. Designed for heavy duty. Quiet and sealed.

    Welded construction. Fully mechanical. No installation necessary unless bolted(5) to the floor for outdoor use.v

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