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Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social Distancing Floor Stickers are available in different shapes and sizes and with your own customer design if required. These are 250mm wide and printed onto textured R10 rated floor vinyl.

Please specify if you require stickers for carpets or hard floor when ordering.

  • Sticker Styles

    Q1 No Unauthorised Access
    Q2 Please Keep Safe Distance 2 Metres With Arrow
    Q3 2 People with 2 metre Arrow
    Q4 Thank you for 2 metre Social Distancing
    Q5 STOP Keep Your Distance Red Circle
    Q6 Safe Route One Way Arrow
    Q7 Yellow Background Black one Way Arrow
    Q8 Please Wait Here To Be Served
    Q9 Protect Each Other Keep 2 Metres Apart
    Q10 Please Keep This Area Clear
    Q11  Face Mask Zone
    Q12 Thank you for Wearing A Face Mask
    Q13 Important Please Wear A Face Mask
    Q14 Protect Each Other Wear A Face Mask


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