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Symbol Restaurant Menu Display Sign

Symbol Restaurant Menu Display Sign

Symbol is a self-standing premium outdoor sign which has been ergonomically designed to ensure the signage is positioned at an optimum viewing angle. Made from steel with a black powered coated finish, it has a solid base plate which makes the unit sturdy and suitable for high traffic areas.


Ideal for outdoor use, Symbol provides the perfect sign solution for displaying restaurant menus, navigation information or

directional signage. Use for restaurants, theme parks, pub gardens and outdoor events. Whilst primarily it’s designed for outdoor use the Information point wouldn’t look out of place indoors as directional signage or information points in reception foyers, museums and retail environments.


Symbol can be positioned on pavements and hardstanding ground surfaces or on soft ground where it easy to secure using

ground pegs. The graphic recess is designed to hold an A3 or A4 size rigid sign printed on a media such as Foamex or a similar waterproof substrate with a depth between 3mm - 5mm. The Graphic is simple and easy to fit as it slides into the recess and is tightened using thumb screw.

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